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Taiyuan, China Fen scenic water control reporting of results
Fen Taiyuan City Beautification impoundment was founded in October 1998 , forming a north Shibamura Bridge to Bridge of 20.5 km clouds green corridor . Fen River Scenic total green area of ​​4,000,000 square meters , storage area of ​​600 square meters, storage capacity is about 10 million cubic meters of flood control and drainage , air purification, played an important role , is a beautiful Taiyuan ecological landscape.
With the rapid development of urban construction , water eutrophication , the annual flood of surface water and rainwater and sewage pollutants into the Fen , supplementary source of total phosphorus , total nitrogen seriously overweight, accompanied by the summer heat , localized outbreaks of water crisis in China stand out .
Municipal government held a special meeting called for " defending eliminate Fen scenic water bloom , while doing other water emergencies emergency measures ." Taiyuan Municipal Construction Committee identified the prevention of water China Fen MC 2012 one of the most important tasks ; governance range is built Fen scenic waters area 6,000,000 square meters ; range of key governance is the main city of victory northbound 155 meters to Bridge 500 m section of clouds , water area of ​​3.5 million square meters .
Governance principles
1 , according to local conditions , results-oriented .
According to the environmental requirements of the waters for different goals, determine control technology , according to the water quality characteristics that determine control measures .
2, the implementation of a comprehensive prevention and control , focusing on security .
Governance Fen waters covering the whole area waters. Important waters close supervision , and effective measures ; other waters, regulation , and measures in a timely manner .
Governance objectives
1 , to ensure that key governance waters does not occur blooms, when conditions are ripe to improve water quality.
2, to ensure blooms when other waters , disposal timely and effective , eliminating a large area of ​​water bloom risks.
3 , timely disposal of water emergencies.
4 , normal weather , to ensure the management of water bodies within the region to achieve the transparency of more than 40cm ; rains , the water body within three days to ensure the transparency of compliance.
In the " local conditions, fine management, scientific disposal , results-oriented " principle, the introduction of advanced OEC management model, to take rain and sewage diversion , aquatic organisms stocking , aquatic cultivation , desilting and many other measures to prevent the occurrence of algal blooms . Established a director of the CMC as commander Fen blooms prevention emergency headquarters , consists of seven disposal group to "issue a statement " in the form of task decomposition . Promulgated the " China Taiyuan Fen River Scenic Water Control and Management Measures ( Trial ) ", " China Taiyuan Water Control and Management Measures Implementation Rules ( Trial ) " and formulated the " 2012 Fen area cyanobacteria prevention contingency plans ," " 2012 Fen scenic water replacement program "for the effective prevention and timely control blooms foundation.
Fen MC with Xiamen University , Institute of Hydrobiology , Shanxi University established a liaison mechanism , an expert team , went to the site guidance for the successful implementation of prevention and control of water China "escort ."

To eliminate odors river , on the south and drains back into the area of Nansha River is at the culvert will be closed ; tributary into the mountains on each side fenkou be cleaned of silt ; wetlands in the area planted with suitable submerged plants , planted in the river shore wetland plants, a total of about 20,000 square meters .
In accordance with the OEC management system requirements : "on the matter , Albert , Nissin high" in every Friday , the various departments will work plan next week uploaded to the LAN , the staff every day to day work plan completion , problems Summary uploaded to the LAN ; leaders in charge of the completion of daily examination of individual cases , a daily summary. Will be refined to water quality management department , to the people ; monitoring of water bodies is a day observation, Week , Month pooled analysis ; meta-analysis on the basis of the scientific assessment of water quality may occur in unusual circumstances take the appropriate approach.
Fen CMC and Environmental Monitoring Center , Taiyuan Fen 20.5 km along the scenic set up 10 monitoring points , the daily water quality monitoring, to keep abreast of changes in water quality , the water Chinese control more scientific and efficient .
To ensure the effectiveness of governance blooms , Fen CMC selected seven units to inspect, based on their performance , price and other factors considered , choose mountain Xizhuo source , the Shanghai Drainage two units . The use of green kill algae, algae control agents on the Fen River Scenic No. 1 to 6 pools blooms Prevention.
The statistics since 2012 because of rain each side of mountain tributary culvert overflowing sewage effluent into the area amounted to 6.048 million cubic meters , equivalent to three-fifths of the total storage capacity . A large number of rain water into the area after the body of water , causing serious water pollution, eutrophication intensified, a serious lack of dissolved oxygen in water , accompanied by odor , causing death of fish in the pool every day .
Fen MC organizations immediately launched the emergency plan for water floats salvage personnel , organization of professional water Chinese pharmaceutical control units shed , in the shortest possible time so that the water body restoration clear .
Blooms prevention work is a long-term work in the municipal government , Municipal Construction Committee under the correct leadership , the Fen River Scenic Area Management Committee not only successfully completed the higher authorities blooms control tasks, but also reserves the monitoring data , training a professional team, enrich the technical strength, tempered water treatment environmental emergency response capabilities . The Fen River water cleaner , greener shore , landscape more beautiful, Taiyuan People's dedication, " a pool of clear water ."

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